Setting and managing up Onyx CRON jobs

CRON allows you to schedule commands to run on a repeating schedule.

If you wish to disable your WordPress Internal CRON job and replace it with an Onyx CRON job we have a separate guide that covers this.

This guide covers adding other CRON tasks.

Managing Onyx CRON jobs via Settings > Cron jobs

Adding a CRON job

Click the Add a cron button.

Enter the full path to the script you'd like this CRON job to run in the Command to execute box.

You have some pre-sets you can select for the schedule by clicking the Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly buttons.

You can manually enter each field:

Minute: 0 - 59

Hour: 0 - 23

Day of month: 1 - 31

Month: 1 - 12

Day of week: 0 - 6 (Sunday to Saturday)

* in any field means Every (minute, hour, day of month, month, day of week)

Once you've configured your desired schedule click Create Cron Job.

Editing or Removing a CRON job

CRON jobs can be edited by clicking the Edit button or removed by clicking the Remove button next to them in the list.

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