Connecting WHMCS to WHM for cPanel provisioning and management

In order for you to manage provisioning of cPanel accounts on your reseller server - and for clients to be able to order, pay for and have their accounts automatically provisioned you'll need to link WHMCS to your WHM hosting account.

You'll need details from your welcome email, including

  • your hosting server name
  • your hosting server IP address
  • your assigned, or custom nameserver names and IP addresses
  • your WHM username and password

WHMCS Documentation: Servers - external link opens in a new window

Connect your WHM server

  1. Within WHMCS visit Setup >> Products/Services >> Servers
    You'll need to enter the following details (everything else is optional)
    • Name - this can be anything you like, but we suggest naming to match the server name
    • Hostname - your WHM server name from your welcome email (how to find your home server name)
    • Primary & Secondary nameserver names & IP addresses - from your welcome email (What are Krystal's nameservers?) or your custom nameservers if you've configured them.
    • Type - select cPanel from the drop-down list
    • Username - your WHM username - from your welcome email
    • Password - your current WHM password - from your welcome email if you haven't changed it
    • Secure - must be ticked
  2. Once you've entered all the details click the red Test Connection button.
    If all is well you'll see a green Successful! message
    You can now click Save Changes.
  3. You'll be returned to the Servers page and see a successful message.

Next Step: Adding a WHMCS Payment Gateway

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