What are Krystal's NameServers?

We have two sets of Nameservers depending on what server you are hosted on.

Cloud/Premium/Business - Non-reseller packages

For all cloud/premium/business web hosting packages (names ending krystal.co.uk / krystal.uk) the nameservers and their IP addresses are:


IP Address



In order to activate your domain name with a Krystal hosting package, you must configure your domain name to point to our nameservers. Domains that are transferred in to us are not automatically set to our nameservers.

Reseller packages

If you are a Krystal reseller and your server name ends in uksrv.co.uk or cloudhosting.uk then you should use the following white-label nameservers and IP addresses:


IP Address



Resellers also have the option of setting up Custom Name Servers.

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