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Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) is a total management solution for your web hosting business. It handles client sign-up, provisioning of hosting packages, domain sales via Domain Reseller modules, payments via Payment Modules and Support (support ticket system and integrated knowledge base).

WHMCS integrates with WHM to enable management of cPanel services including provisioning, suspension and termination of client accounts.

As well as this back-end administrative system WHMCS also provides a fully customisable front-end website that your clients can use to purchase hosting and manage their account.

We have a series of guides that'll walk you through getting WHMCS up and running.

You should allow yourself some time to read each guide - in most cases, we will also link to the relevant WHMCS Documentation (external link opens in a new window) which often has more detail and troubleshooting tips.


We are sure you're keen to get going, but this is really important. Your customers will be expecting a top-class service from you - and that means you'll need to understand the systems you are using to provide their service. Please ensure you've read Reseller Hosting - Start Here and Reseller Hosting - Top Tips and Essential Reading including all the linked external documentation and completed the Initial WHM configuration before continuing here.

These guides and the external resources should be your first port of call if you have any questions or need to understand how something works, or why it's not. You'll almost always find your answer with a quick search.

Let's get your Reseller Hosting up and running!

We recommend you work through the guides in the following order for an optimal experience:

  1. Obtaining your WHMCS license
  2. Install WHMCS - choose and follow ONE of these guides:
    1. Installing WHMCS manually
  3. Completing the WHMCS post-installation wizard
  4. Securing/Hardening your WHMCS
  5. Setting up the WHMCS CRON job
  6. Setting up the WHMCS Updater
  7. Setting up WHMCS backup
  8. Connecting WHMCS to WHM for cPanel provisioning and management
  9. Adding a WHMCS Payment Gateway
  10. Setting up WHMCS domain provisioning using the Krystal Domain Reseller Module
  11. Setting up Domains and Domain Pricing in WHMCS
  12. Branding WHMCS to customise the look and feel
  13. Creating a WHMCS Product
  14. WHMCS Order and Client Management
  15. WHMCS support ticket email piping

We have many other guides in this knowledge base around WHM and cPanel usage and these should be your first port of call if you need further information or guidance, along with the external guides linked in the Top Tips and Essential Reading guide.

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