Changing my websites address

There are many reasons why you might want to change your websites address.

  • You setup your site in a sub-domain, for example and you want to migrate that to
  • You set the site up in a sub-directory or folder of your domain, for example and now you want to move that to
  • You want to switch between HTTP and HTTPS

For simple PHP/HTML sites with no database this can be as straightforward as doing a search and replace on your files to make the necessary change. But where a site stores it pages in a database - like most modern Content Management Systems (CMS) - e.g. WordPress - we need to employ a different process to ensure all the required changes are made correctly.

Krystal currently offer two one-click software installers - Softaculous and Installatron. Both of these have the facility to import an existing site (they both support a similar range of applications) - and once you've imported your site they both have cloning tools that allow you to make site address changes within the process.

Softaculous also has a useful Staging tool - to allow you to take a copy of your site, make changes and then apply those changes back to the live site.

Importing a website into Softaculous

Cloning a website with Softaculous

Creating a Staging site with Softaculous

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