Adding Google verification entries in to DNS

To make use of services such as Google Analytics and Search Console you will need to verify your domain.

Google asks you to do this by adding a TXT record to your DNS zone file.

We have a separate guide on Managing your DNS with the cPanel Zone Editor - this guide just focuses on adding the required TXT record.

This Google verification guide (external link opens in a new window) details the process they require you to complete - under the section titled Add a TXT verification record (any domain host). It includes instructions for obtaining your verification code.

  1. Within the cPanel DOMAINS section, click on Zone Editor.

  1. Click Manage next to the domain for which you are adding the verification code.
  2. Click the + Add Record drop-down arrow and click Add TXT Record
  3. You'll see an empty row for you input the required details:
    In the name, we require that you add your domain name followed by a full stop e.g.
    Leave the TTL at its default and the Type set as TXT.
    Copy and paste the Google site verification record into the Record field.,
    Click the Add Record button at the end of the row to finish
Google suggests the Name field should be @ - that just means your domain name - but we don't support it.

The full stop is important - this tells DNS that this a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) - if you leave the full stop off then your domain will be appended and you'll end up with

Which won't validate.
  1. You should now return to Google and complete the verification process - your TXT record should be picked up and your domain with be verified.

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