Understanding Primary, Alias (or Parked), Addon and Sub domains

We understand that the types of domains can be confusing. This article will help you understand the difference between all the domain options and assist you in adding additional websites/domain names to your cPanel account - whether that’s a Subdomain, Addon or Alias (previously called Parked) domain.

Quick Reference

This table gives you a really quick overview. We have separate guides giving more detail about each type of domain and how to add them to your account.

Domain Type

Can host a unique website

(counts towards unique websites in your plan)

Can host unique email addresses

Primary domain

e.g. primary.co.uk



Addon domain

e.g. secondary.co.uk



Sub-domain (of primary or addon domain)

e.g. subdomain.primary.co.uk or subdomain.secondary.co.uk



Alias domain

e.g. alias.co.uk



Sub-domain (of alias domain)



All Krystal Cloud and Business hosting packages can host multiple sites. But, how you add or create a new site can vary depending on what you're trying to achieve.

All accounts will have a Primary Domain - the first domain you add, usually when setting up the account.

In addition, you can have Addon Domains, Sub-Domains and Alias Domains - read on to understand the difference.

Remember: All Cloud and Business hosting packages are single cPanel - all sites, however, you add them will be sharing the resources - CPU, Memory, Disk Space etc. These packages are designed for single person/business use. If you're looking to host sites for others - whether you charge or not you'll need to be using one of our Reseller Hosting packages (link opens in a new window) - which offer multiple cPanels.

Primary Domain

This is the main domain for your cPanel account. Your primary domain is served from the public_html/ folder within your home directory. Your home directory is the directory you see when you first connect using FTP e.g. a file located in your home directory at /public_html/mypage.html would be served to the world as http://your.primary.domain/mypage.html

Please ensure you upload your website to the correct folder - usually /public_html/ for your primary domain. Uploading your website into the top-level directory of your home directory isn't recommended; it usually won't work, and creates a mess!

Add a domain to host a new site (Addon)

Ruby, Cloud hosting and all Premium/Business packages allow unlimited addon domains.

If you'd like to add a new domain, on which you'd like to run a new website you'll need to add it as an Addon domain.

Addon domains count towards your number of unique websites. Addon domains can have their own unique email accounts.

We have a separate guide on how to add an Addon domain.

Add a domain to an existing site (Alias)

If you'd like to add a new domain - but just like it to display the same content as an existing site you'll need to add it as an Alias domain.

Alias domains do not count towards your number of unique websites. Alias domains can have their own unique email accounts.

You can also add sub-domains of alias domains - you can use these for email addresses - but alias domains and sub-domains of them can't have their own unique sites - they can point at an existing site.

We have a separate guide on how to add an Alias domain.

Add a new site using an existing domain (Sub-Domain of your Primary or Addon domains))

If you'd like to run an additional website using an existing primary or addon domain you'll need to add it as a Sub-domain.

For example, you may run a chain of restaurants and branches in different cites. Your main site is www.restaurant.co.uk and you'd also like cityone.restaurant.co.uk and citytwo.restaurant.co.uk you would add cityone and citytwo as Sub-domains of restaurant.co.uk

Sub-domains of primary and addon domains count towards your number of unique websites. Subdomains can have their own unique email accounts.

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