Assumptions of the Onyx platform

As Onyx is a managed WordPress hosting platform, there are a few assumptions that we have to make to ensure that the managed features are able to work as intended:

Single Sign-On (SSO)

In order for SSO to work, we assume that bothwp-admin and wp-login.php are located within/var/www/html. If these are moved manually or with the use of a third-party plug-in SSO will no longer function.

Staging & Backups

In order for Staging, cloning and backups to operate, we make the assumption that wp-config.php is located within /var/www/html.

If this is not the case, any attempts to stage/clone a site will fail with an error and the automatic backups will not be generated.

Default Plugin installation

  • To allow the installation of our default plugins (Including LiteSpeed cache and your CDN),wp-content needs to maintain it's name. If this is changed manually or via a third-party plugin, the default plugins will no longer be installed automatically and may cease to function.

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