Monitoring & managing your disk usage

Keeping your disk space in order will help you stay on the most cost-effective plan and regular monitoring can ensure that your web sites stay optimised and quick.

We have a separate article on what happens if you exceed your plans disk allowance.

Here are our top three tips for keeping everything in order. (Plus tips for resellers to see their overall disk usage).

  1. cPanel Disk Usage tool (cPanel > Files > Disk Usage)
    This tool is great for helping you spot your biggest directories - and from there you can click the directory name to view the files.
  2. Make sure you're only hosting your actual web files
    We do take regular backups on all plans - and it may be that these are sufficient for your needs. However, we understand that you may want to take more regular or ad-hoc backups (before making changes or upgrading your site for example).
    Whilst we allow the use of third party backup plug-ins - we don't allow the storage of their output - so if you take a backup of your site - as soon as it's completed move the backup file off your hosting. If you have a third party backup system that takes scheduled backups, make sure it's set up to immediately store the backups off-site - and not leave a copy on the server.
    You can see all our terms around what is and isn't allowed in terms of file storage in our Hosting acceptable use policy - link opens in a new window.
  3. Optimise your images
    Ideally, it's better to do this before you upload images to your website. Make sure they are 72-96dpi resolution and no bigger than required in terms of size (width x height).
    All our servers run LiteSpeed as standard, and if you are using WordPress we recommend you install the LiteSpeed caching plug-in (From your WordPress dashboard > Plug-ins > Add New > Search for 'LiteSpeed'). If you install WordPress using Softaculous the LiteSpeed caching plug-in will be installed by default with new installs.
    Included within the LiteSpeed caching plug-in is an image optimisation facility. You can use this to further optimise uploaded images.
    This will not only ensure your image storage is optimal - but it'll also speed up the loading of your site - a win-win situation!


You can see your total package usage within WHM by visiting Account Functions >> Create a New Account

You'll see your total usage and your package limit.

You can view disk usage for each account by visiting Account Information >> List Accounts where it'll be listed in the Disk Used column for each account.

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