Using the LiteSpeed Cache Image Optimisation tool in WordPress

This is a companion guide to our Installing the WordPress LiteSpeed cache plugin and How to optimise your WordPress site guides.

You'll need to have the WordPress LiteSpeed cache plugin installed to follow this guide. We also suggest you follow the advise in the WordPress optimisation guide to pre-optimise your images - ensure they are sized correctly and at a suitable resolution (dpi) before uploading and using them on your site.

When using the LiteSpeed cache plugin we strongly suggest that to avoid any issues you remove any other caching or optimisation plugins. Further, if you decide to use the LiteSpeed Cache Image Optimisation tool we suggest you remove any other image compression or optimisation plugins.
  1. Prior to using the LiteSpeed Image Optimisation tool you'll need to acquire a LiteSpeed API key. We have a separate guide that details how to obtain your API key.
  2. Visit LiteSpeed > Image Optimisation and click the [2] Image Optimization Settings tab.
    We recommend changing the following settings from default - but you may have specific reasons for selecting different options.

    Auto Request Cron


    Create WebP Versions


    Image WebP Replacement


    Click Save Changes.
  3. Now switch to the [1] Image Optimization Summary tab and click the Gather Image Data button:
  4. You'll see a success banner confirming how many images have been gathered.
    Click the Send Optimization Request button:
  5. You'll now see a banner confirming the first image has been sent. LiteSpeed starts with a single image to ensure the process works. The Cron automation you enabled in step two will now continue the process, submitting and pulling larger image batches over time until all images have been optimised. Newly added images will be optimised automatically as long as the Auto Request Cron is enabled.
Please note the following link points to an external guide, produced by LiteSpeed - it contains the most up-to-date detail regarding the options available.

This guide walks through the use of the LiteSpeed Cache Image Optimisation tool and all it's configurable options - external link opens in a new window.

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