How to manage domain renewal and auto-renewal

This article will show you how to manage the auto-renewal settings for your domain names. This article assumes that you have already successfully logged into your Krystal client area.

Auto-renew can only complete successfully if the payment method for a domain is Credit/Debit Card and you have valid card details entered for your account.

Where domains are set to auto-renew and the payment method is PayPal or Bank Transfer - we will produce an invoice - but you must either login to pay by PayPal or make the bank transfer to complete the transaction. Failure to do so may result in your domain expiring and a redemption charge being incurred.

Manage a domain

  1. View your domains by selecting My Domains from the Domains menu drop-down or clicking the My Domains button.
  2. Your domains are shown along with their Auto Renew status - simply click on a domain name or the Manage Domain button to manage its settings.
  3. Click on the "Auto Renew" tab and then click the "Manage auto renewal settings" button.

Manage Auto-Renewal and Auto Invoice

  1. You can view the Auto Renew status within My Domains. You can manage auto-renewal for domains by visiting Domains > Auto-renew options.
    Auto-Renew can only be enabled for domains where the payment method is Credit/Debit card. You will need to have valid card details saved in your account for the auto-renew to complete.
    Auto Invoice - disabling auto invoice will suppress invoice creation, you will need to renew your domain manually to avoid it being cancelled.

Cancelling a domain

Disabling Auto Renew and Auto Invoice will result in the domain expiring at its next renewal and you will no longer be billed for it.

If your domain is set for auto-renewal, then you will receive an invoice for the renewal at least 7 days ahead of expiration. On the day of expiration, we will attempt to take payment from any valid card that you have stored in your account. If we are successful in renewing your domain you will receive a payment confirmation.

If you do not receive payment confirmation, then we have not renewed your domain, and you should contact us immediately to rectify any payment problems to ensure your domain continues to operate normally.

If you're looking to cancel your cPanel hosting account we have a separate guide that details how to do that.

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