What is a CDN?

What is a CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. In simple terms, it's a geographically diverse set of servers (edge nodes) that cache copies of the content of your site (images and JavaScript etc.) and serves if to your visitors from their closest CDN edge node.

Why might I want to use a CDN?

A CDN can be useful when your site is receiving a lot of international traffic - in this case placing large portions of your site's content closer to your visitors will greatly improve their user experience. If you're predominantly serving geographically local users there may still be a benefit to using a CDN to reduce the load on your hosting server if your site is busy.

A CDN isn't a substitute for poor optimisation

It's important to ensure your site is well optimised prior to implementing a CDN - view adding a CDN as the icing on the optimisation cake - rather than the cake itself. Make sure your site is well baked before you consider adding a CDN.

We have a guide on optimising WordPress - and many of the tips apply equally to any site.

I've decided a CDN is right for me

We have a separate guide on purchasing a Krystal CDN plan.

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