Creating a WHMCS Product

Setup >> Products/Services >> Products/Services

Once you have WHMCS linked to your hosting account, you can create hosting products. The hosting products in WHMCS will link your customer's orders to the packages you have created in WHM.

  1. Login to your new WHMCS and navigate to Setup >> Products/Services >> Products/Services
  2. First you’ll need to click + Create a new Group
    Give the new group a name, and if you wish add a headline and tagline. Choose an Order Form Template and make sure the correct Payment Gateway(s) are checked, then click Save Changes.
  3. Now click + Create a New Product

    Select the correct Product Type and check the Product Group - select the correct group from the drop-down list; enter a Product Name, choose the Module cPanel and unless you don't want this to show on your WHMCS frontend website, turn Create as Hidden off. The Product Name you create here will be displayed in your WHMCS frontend for clients to purchase. The next steps will link this WHMCS product to a previously created WHM package. Click Continue
  4. Enter the product’s description and select the welcome email to be sent.
  5. Switch to the Pricing tab and define your product's pricing (be aware that we don’t allow resellers to offer free hosting), general settings and its description.
  6. From the Module Settings tab, select cPanel from the drop-down field, then select a shared hosting package from the drop-down list which will be retrieved from your connected WHM server.
    You have the option of enabling the automatic setup option appropriate for new orders. We recommend selecting the option to Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received.
    Click Save Changes to complete the product set-up.

WHMCS Documentation & Video Guide: Products - external site link opens in a new window

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