My site seems to be down, what can I do?

This can happen for all manner of reasons and this guide details the most common issues and how to resolve them.

If you've got this far and found this page then it likely means there isn't a problem with your internet connection.

First up, let's check the Krystal Status Page - link opens in a new window - to ensure there isn't a problem with the server hosting your site.

Next, let's check whether your site is only down for you, or for everyone. We can use an external tool for this - Is it down? - site opens in a new window - enter your website's address in the box and click the: or just me? button.

Down for everyone

If this tool shows your site down for everyone, but you have access to the rest of the internet and the Krystal Status page doesn't show an issue, then it's most likely an issue with your site. We have a separate article on checking your server and PHP error logs and this should be your next stop.

Just down for me

It's possible you have been blocked by our firewall - this can sometimes happen if you are working on your site and something you do causes one of our firewall rules to be tripped. You can check if this is the case by following our guide to unblock yourself from our firewall.

If you keep being blocked please contact support and supply all the details we need and if appropriate, we will white-list the rule or give you advice on how to avoid triggering it.

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