Connecting to your site using SSH / SFTP

SFTP stand for SSH File Transfer Protocol or Secure File Transfer Protocol. SFTP is used to get files too and from your Onyx site's storage. You will need to use the details you obtain from following this guide with your chosen FTP client software. This guide shows how to obtain all the details required to access your sites files via SFTP.

These same details are also used to access your site via SSH.

Enabling SSH and finding your connection details

  1. You'll need to start by logging in to your Onyx dashboard.
  2. From your Onyx dashboard, click the on the site you'd like to access.
  3. Click Access details from the left hand menu
  4. From the Accessing your site's files using SFTP or SSH section, click the Enable SSH and SFTP access button
  5. Now you've enabled SSH and SFTP access you should make a note of the access details, including Hostname, Port and Username
  6. Lastly you'll need your password, and you can obtain from the Your site access password section - click to reveal the password for 10 seconds. You can either note the password down, or copy and paste it from here
    You've now enabled SSH and SFTP access for this site, and you have all the details you'll need to configure your chosen FTP client.

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