JetBackup - Restore or download a database backup

This guide walks you through restoring or downloading a backup file of a database.

We have a separate guide that focuses on full account and file restoration using JetBackup and another on restoring an email account.

JetBackup is accessed from within your account's cPanel, in the Files section or directly through the JetBackup section.

Restore a database

By completing this process to restore a database you will be completely over-writing any existing database in the cPanel with the same name. Please ensure you take backups of your current database to ensure you can roll-back if you need too.
In order to access JetBackup you will have to be able to access your cPanel account. If you aren't sure how to access this, please see our guide on Logging in to cPanel (Opens in a new window)
  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Under the Files section, click on JetBackup to go to the JetBackup Dashboard.

  1. From the JetBackup dashboard Databases.
  2. You'll see a list of database backups, by default you will be restoring the most recent backup, to choose another date, click Choose Other Backup. Once you are happy with your selection, click Restore.
  3. On the confirm screen, you'll need to tick the Are you sure you want to restore this account? box and then click Add to Restore Queue.
  4. You can then return to the dashboard and click the Queue button to check on progress - you'll see when the backup is marked as Status Completed.

Download or Restore

As well as restoring, JetBackup also allows you to download a copy of the backup files that can then be saved to your local device - click Generate Download rather than Restore.

Queued Jobs and Email notifications:

We have a separate guide that covers the Job Queue and setting up Email Notifications(Link opens in a new window).

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