How do I change my hosting package?

Your hosting plan can be upgraded at any time via your Krystal client area (link opens in a new window).

Any remaining time left on your current plan is taken into account when calculating the upgrade/downgrade price, so you don't lose out.

Upgrades or downgrades from any Shared Hosting plan (Amethyst or Ruby) to another Cloud Plan, or from a Business Plan (Sapphire, Diamond or Tanzanite) to another Business Plan are nearly instant and do not incur any downtime or disruption. NOTHING actually changes within your cPanel account so there is NO DISRUPTION - we simply adjust the quotas and limits applied to your plan. This means that they take affect the moment the invoice is paid!

Changing between Cloud, Business, and Reseller plans involves moving your cPanel account to a different platform and will, therefore, be carried out by a technician at a mutually convenient time to be agreed with you - if you purchase this kind of upgrade/downgrade, please raise a support ticket to begin the process.

Switching billing cycle from (Monthly <> Yearly) will happen at your next renewal date e.g if you are on a yearly plan with 100 days until renewal - and you decide to upgrade your plan and choose a monthly billing cycle for the new plan, you will be pro-rata credited the 100 days of the old plan and then charged the new plan yearly rate. When your original yearly plan ends you will then switch to monthly billing of the new plan.

You can also change any configurable options for your current plan here too - such as backups, extra blocks of cPanel accounts, extra blocks of storage and VPS cores, memory and disk space (it will only show the options relevant to your plan). Follow the steps below - but in Step 3 click Change Options.

  1. Within your Krystal client area - click on the My Services icon or click Services > My Services on the menu to view your current plans.

  1. Click Manage Product next to the plan you'd like to change.

  1. Your current plan is shown. Click the Change Plan button.

  1. Select the new package you'd like and click Choose Product.

  1. Click to Continue >> to complete payment.

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