Verifying and Adding Remote domains to cPanel

At Krystal, we take security very seriously. This means we do not allow remotely hosted domains to simply be added to cPanel, as this would allow you to add any domain name, regardless of where it's actually registered. This can open up many options for abuse, including intercepting mail or spoofing email addresses.

How do I add a remote domain?

When you add a Domain into cPanel, this will check for the following:

In most cases, your domain will already point to Krystal and the verification steps above will authorise you to add the domain. Sometimes you may need to add a domain to your cPanel account without pointing it to us first. To do this, you can add the Following TXT record to the existing Domain's DNS provider:

Shared Hosting Customers:

(Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Tanzanite)

Host: @

Type: TXT

Value: krystal-domain-verification


(Unity, Trinity, Infinity)

Host: @

Type: TXT

Value: cloudhosting-domain-verification

Once this TXT record has been added to your domain, you should be able to add the domain to your cPanel account.

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