How to add a new website as a Subdomain

There are a number of ways to add a new domain or site to your account. We have a separate guide that details the differences.

This guide covers how to add a Subdomain

cPanel > DOMAINS

If you'd like to run an additional website using an existing domain you'll need to add it as a Subdomain.

For example, you may run a chain of restaurants and branches in different cites. Your main site is and you'd also like and you would add cityone and citytwo as Subdomains of

Subdomains can have their own unique email accounts.

To create a subdomain:

  1. Click the Domains icon.

  1. Click Create A New Domain

  1. Untick Share document root
  1. Enter the subdomain exactly as you wish it to be added.
If you wanted to add the subdomain "test" to the domain "", you should type "" in the domain field.

You can accept the Document Root folder suggestion, or edit it.

  1. Click the Submit button to finish adding your sub-domain.

Ensure you upload your website files to the correct Document Root folder. In this case, it would be /home/subdomain.maindomain.tld/.

Email and subdomains

Subdomains are treated as separate domains in terms of email handling. This means that you can maintain mailboxes for all of your subdomains entirely independently.

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