How to import a database using phpMyAdmin

This article will show you how you can import a database from a file on your local computer to your Krystal cPanel account. This article assumes that you are already successfully logged into cPanel.

We have a separate article on importing large databases which may time-out or error when importing through phpMyAdmin.

  1. Before you can import a database dump file from your computer, a destination database must already exist within your cPanel account. Please see the article How to create MySQL databases in cPanel.
  2. Open the phpMyAdmin web application by clicking on the phpMyAdmin icon in the Databases section of cPanel.
  3. Once phpMyAdmin opens, you will see down the left margin a list of databases to which you have access. information_schema is a special database that holds information "about" your databases - you do not need to access this.
    Click on the name of the database you want to import your data into - in the below case, krystald_testing.
  4. Click on the Import tab to view the Import settings.
  5. Click the Choose File button and browse your computer for your MySQL dump file (usually named *.sql)
    That's it - the default options will normally work fine for you. Just click the Go button!
  6. A common error that occurs looks like the one shown below. This is because your database dump file contained instructions to create a specific database name. This is not allowed, because we are importing data into a known (predefined) database. To prevent this error recurring you must comment out or remove the lines that are highlighted (in this case, remove the line that reads CREATE DATABASE etc..)

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