How to export a database using phpMyAdmin

This guide explains how to export a cPanel database using phpMyAdmin. This can be useful should you just need to take a backup, or wish to export your database for you to later import elsewhere.

This guide assumes you're logged in to the cPanel account containing the database to export.

  1. Open phpMyAdmin by clicking the icon in the DATABASES section.
  2. Click the name of the database you'd like to export in the left-hand column.
    You'll see the tables listed below the database name and expanded into the main pane. You'll also see the selected database name detailed at the top of the window.
  3. Click the Export tab.
    The Export method is set to Quick by default and the Format set to SQL.
    Click Go to start the export - depending on your browser you may be prompted to Save or Open the download - we'd suggest clicking Save and the export will be saved to your Downloads location.
    The default options will usually be fine - but should you wish to explore the Custom options to include things like the CREATE database command in the export or change the export Format you can do so here.
    For full details of the other export Formats we've included a link to the phpMyAdmin documentation: phpMyAdmin Import & Export documentation - link opens in a new window.

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