How to change your primary cPanel hosting account domain

All cPanel accounts have a primary domain name associated with them. This main domain can only be changed by raising a Support Request.

When you submit your support request you'll need to specify

  • the cPanel account username
  • the existing domain name
  • the new domain name you wish to use.
The cPanel username itself (your cPanel username) will not and cannot change.

Remember to make sure the new domain's nameservers are set to Krystal's otherwise you won't be able to control the new domain's DNS records via your cPanel account.

Things to bear in mind

The domain must not already be assigned to a Krystal cPanel account

Because we operate a central DNS system, we can't host the same domain twice on our network. Therefore if the new domain name is the primary domain for another cPanel account, or it is parked or added-on to an existing cPanel account, you will have to remove it before we can fulfil your request.

All existing mailboxes will be renamed following these rules (take a deep breath):

All existing mailboxes for which there was not already a will be renamed to

e.g. if you have and you DON'T have, then after the change, all of the messages and folders in will now be in

All existing mailboxes for which there WAS already a will be REPLACED by the mailbox for

e.g. if you have AND, then after the change you will find that will contain the same content as it did when it was still a parked/addon domain. You will lose the email from the old domain mailbox.

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