How quickly will my purchase be processed?

New Cloud, Premium/Business & Reseller accounts

Once you've signed up to your new service, it will automatically create within a few minutes, and your welcome email will be sent to you with your login details once completed.

Hosting Upgrades

Upgrades within the same type of hosting e.g. moving from Shared - Amethyst to Shared - Ruby are instant and do not incur any downtime.

Upgrades between hosting types (e.g. Cloud > Premium/Business > Reseller) involve moving your account to a different server and will be carried out by a technician at a time that suits you.

We will be in touch once the order has processed to advise on the nex t

Domain Name purchases and transfers

Domain purchases

Purchases are normally processed within a few seconds. If there are any issues with your domain registration that prevent the domain from processing our side, we'll be in touch to inform you and advise on the next steps. If your domain name does not appear in your client area after purchase, please get in touch with us to resolve the issue.

Domain transfers

A lot of things have to happen for a domain transfer to take place. A domain transfer can complete from within a few minutes to a few days depending on many external factors (including the existing registrar).

We have specific guides detailing the process for transferring domains in to and away from Krystal -

Transferring a domain in to Krystal

Transferring a domain away from Krystal

Unlike some companies, Krystal does not charge for transferring domains away.


Order held for manual review

This means that something on your order didn't pair up correctly, and we'll be in touch shortly to confirm the next steps.

My hosting hasn't been created / I haven't had my Welcome email or login details

There are various reasons why your new hosting account may not have auto-created - a common example being if you order a new package and elect to use a domain name already in use on another package on our systems.

You should generally receive your welcome email and cPanel login details within 30 minutes of completing your order. If you haven't received your login details within this time please do get in touch and we will help get you up and running.

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