My website is showing a default web page

If you have recently moved your domain to Krystal, then it is likely that, at some point, you tried to browse to your domain before you had uploaded your website. This would have resulted in your browser being redirected to the server's default holding page. Your browser cached the redirection and so now, each time you try to open your website (even though you may now have uploaded it), you are automatically redirected to the same default holding page.

Web browser caching

Your website is most likely working perfectly, but because your web browser is caching a redirection previously sent by our server, it is not bothering to fetch the valid website and instead is going straight to the previous redirection page (the defaultwebpage.cgi URL that our server will provide when it does not yet recognise a new domain).

To resolve this issue, follow this guide to clear your web browser cache.

If the above does not fix the issue

Rarely, a problem can occur due to other reasons. If the above does not fix your issue, then please contact support.

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