Reseller Hosting - Top Tips and Essential Reading

We know that you'll be keen to get going as quickly as possible and dive into setting up your new reseller hosting - but there are a few things it's important for you to know and do - we will try and keep it brief.


It is critical that you keep not only your own accounts and systems secure but also those of your clients.

Use strong passwords

  • In this regard, we strongly recommend that you set secure passwords for all logins - use upper & lower case letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Make the passwords fairly long.
  • It can be helpful to use a password manager solution - something like LastPass (external link opens in a new window) - which allows you to create and store very secure passwords.
  • Never use the same password for multiple logins.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA provides an added layer of security on top of traditional passwords. It involves a second factor - often an app on a mobile phone that can provide a One Time Password (OTP) code. When you log in you'll be asked for you username & password and then also asked for an OTP - so unless a hacker also has your phone (2nd Factor Device) they will be unable to provide the required OTP and therefore not able to log in.

We highly recommend setting up 2FA wherever it's available.

You can set up 2FA for your Krystal Client Area, WHM and your clients can set it up for their individual cPanel accounts.

Essential Reading & Supporting your Clients

Like any business, your clients will want to ask you questions, and you will need to be able to support them.

We strongly recommend that you make yourself familiar with the following documentation:

cPanel / WHM Documentation & Video Guides (external link opens in a new window)

WHMCS Documentation (external link opens in a new window)

Softaculous Documentation (external link opens in a new window)

SpamExperts Documentation (external link opens in a new window)

In combination WHMCS, WHM & cPanel offer an excellent, integrated reseller hosting solution.  But, be aware that each of them is a complex and fully featured product. It is well worth investing some time now in becoming familiar with all the elements of each product to ensure you can give the best service to your clients.

Setup Support

Your reseller hosting service from Krystal provides you with all the tools you will need to get up and running quickly.

Please ensure you read these reseller guides fully and take some time to learn about the business you are building.

If you need help with the initial setup steps, we would encourage you to first check the relevant documentation; often this will provide a solution.

If you are still stuck, a quick search of the Krystal Knowledgebase will usually yield an answer. 

Support for WHMCS issues should be obtained directly from WHMCS (external link opens in a new window).

If you're still stuck, please feel free to log a support ticket through your Krystal Client Area.

Once you are up and running our support system is still there for you - we will assist in resolving any issues with our platform's security, stability or performance.

Support for resellers does not extend to providing support for their client’s issues.  However, your first stop in this instance should be our Knowledgebase, where we cover a wide range of support concerns.

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