MailChannels FAQ

We understand that the addition of any new system can be quite challenging, that's why we have put together a list of all the Frequently Asked Questions in an easy-to-read format to save you time!

Do I have to pay extra?

No! MailChannels is paid for by us and you can simply reap the benefits of the system by using your services as you did before!

I am using you for DNS and hosting. Do I need to make any changes?

No! If you are using both our hosting and DNS services, we will automatically manage the rollout for you where possible. If for any reason we are unable to do this for you, we will contact you separately and discuss an implementation strategy.

Does MailChannels store my email data?

No! Email messages are processed by the MailChannels system and then relayed on to the destination. The system does not store any email content or header data.

What is an SPF Record?

An SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record is a DNS record added to your domain name, that instructs the internet which servers are allowed to send messages from your domain name. This is used in part, to determine whether a message has been spoofed or is a spam message when receiving an email.

I am receiving hundreds of bounce backs from MailChannels, has my account been compromised?

If you are receiving many bouncebacks, this is usually a sign of malicious actors taking advantage of one of your services with us. Get in touch with the support team to investigate the exact cause and resolution.

Why do messages from my website get sent back to the Default Mail box instead of my email?

As you are using PHP Mail, the mail is being sent from your cPanel user email address ( as such, if the email bounces back, it will be routed to your cPanel user’s mailbox, which is the default mailbox. Review this link for more information regarding managing your Default Mailbox:

What is the default mailbox and how do I check it?

I use WordPress, how can I switch to SMTP so my emails have more chance of landing in the inbox.

We have a guide on switching WordPress from PHP Mail to SMTP here:

Using SMTP to send emails from WordPress

My website was coded by somebody I am no longer in contact with. Are you able to convert my website to SMTP mail?

Unfortunately, due to the complexities of web designing and implementation on custom websites, we are unable to implement this on your behalf.
You would need to locate a new web developer to integrate this for you.

I got a bounce back email from MailChannels with a strange reason on it

If you have received a bounce-back regarding a message you have sent that you are not sure about, please get in touch and one of the team will be happy to explain it to you!

I do not wish to use MailChannels is there an Opt-Out?

Unfortunately, as this is a system-wide implementation, there is no opt-out to the service.

If you find your question is not answered on this page, our support team is ready to answer any queries you may have! Just reach out to us using our contact page here:

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